Craft Kafe

We get up early to do what we love - make great food and coffee for our community.

We don’t use gluten because we believe we can do a great job without it. The look on peoples' faces when we explain we are dedicated gluten-free is priceless. People with a gluten sensitivity want to cry and people who don’t can’t believe what they are tasting. We work hard to allow you to eat happy, drink happy, and to be happy.

'Craft Kafe is a vision of mine that I had the 18 years ago. An organic gluten-free place where we know the origins of what we are making. Where there is a stone mill and making fresh ingredients in the most nutritionally viable way possible is something I was very interested in and wanted in my town. I love coffee - it’s an experience, a ritual, that we have everyday. People are now wanting to savor and appreciate the moments of right now and live in the moment. As much as coffee speeds us up, it helps us stay in the moment when we are among our friends and our family. I opened Craft Kafe to help that experience. You have great food and great coffee and you’re building moments.’

Teddy Skiadiotis - Owner