Why We Do Gluten-Free

Gluten-free is simple.

It’s baking, cooking, creating without the use of gluten. Gluten is most often found in wheat so we don’t use wheat or any wheat by-products. Eating gluten can cause inflammation in your stomach if you have an allergy or are sensitivity. We’ve notice a lot of people have this sensitivity, so we decided to commit to a gluten-free kitchen to not exclude anyone. Gluten-free isn’t a trend or a gimmick to us, it’s a different approach to baking and cooking. Making our food and pastries taste like other wheat-based food and pastries isn’t what we are about. We are about making tasty pastries and delicious food that will bring a smile to your face.

Our Gluten-Free Kitchen

We don’t allow any gluten in our kitchen.

We stone mill organic basmati brown rice, organic sorghum, and organic white rice to circumvent wheat flour in our recipes. We also make almond flour, chickpea flour and use other flour alternatives to keep our kitchen free of gluten. Any oats, nuts, or any other ingredients  we purchase are always Certified Gluten- Free to give anyone with a sensitivity peace of mind.